100WebSpace gives you the chance to protect your personal data at the special price of $10.00 per year. You can do this along with the registration process or at anytime later.

Shield Your Private Data

Did you know that your name, email and phone number will be made publicly available in the Whois directory once you’ve registered a domain name?

Thus, anyone will be able to see your personal details and/or to use them for illegal spamming purposes, for example. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by hiding your Whois data from the public eye using our low-cost Whois Privacy Protection service.

Protect your address

If you run a business site and would like to maintain transparency, your business address needs to be displayed online. However, personal site owners may not want to share their home addresses publicly. With WHOIS Privacy Protection on, your home address will be masked and replaced by generic data.

Protect your phone number

Protect your phone number If you don’t mind being contacted over the phone with offers or questions regarding your website, having a phone number listed in the publicly accessible WHOIS database is not a problem. However, if you don't want to be disturbed by intruders, you can protect your phone number using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service.

Protect your email

If you are tired of receiving unsolicited messages in your mailbox, you can help reduce the amount of spam by shielding your email address from the public eye with the help of the WHOIS Privacy Protection service.