We offer 24/7 quality technical support to our clients, you can contact us:

Through The Web Hosting Control Panel (CP)

Context Help

Fast and easy explanations of each page of the CP. Simply click on the HELP link in the top right corner of the CP. A drop-down window appears with more information about how to use the functionality of the particular section of the CP.

Video Tutorials

We have made over 40 movies, so that you can become familiar with our Control Panel as quickly as possible by watching the relevant movie.

Help Center

This is an information system based on the keyword search principle, i.e. a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) information database, but much more advanced than the standard static FAQ. We regularly update the database of the Help Center with new entries.

Ticketing System

If you still haven't found the answer to your question in the Help Center, we suggest that you use our Ticketing System. You can open a ticket by clicking on the Request Help link. Each ticket is replied to within no more than 60 minutes after it has been opened. In order to supervise and maintain a high quality support service, we insist that a unique ticket is opened for each problem through the Request Help link in the CP.

Through Our Support Forum

You can ask your question in our support forum. We have competent moderators and support technicians that will answer your post promptly. Use the forum to exchange ideas and experience with other users or just keep in touch with other people who host their websites with us.

By Phone

A phone support will be at your disposal only for inquiries about dedicated and semi-dedicated accounts. Once you purchase a dedicated hosting we will provide you with our 24/7 phone support numbers.