The creation of an aesthetically structured, feature-rich, dynamic website, into which one can integrate a blog, needs highly qualified web design and programming work. To provide you with an easy alternative and save you some money, we are offering you automated installation of more than 30 free PHP scripts, among them Wordpress, which is the most popular and probably the most powerful online blog script. With Wordpress you can easily create a personal or business blogging website by using a multitude of layout/functionality components. Wordpress supports many themes, which is another great advantage of the blog software. Thanks to the automated installer you can change the appearance of your online diary entirely in a matter of seconds.

Professional looking themes with every WordPress optimized hosting plan

In addition to the high quality free hosting service, 100WebSpace offers you also an increasing number of eye-pleasing Wordpress themes. In order to use any of the offered Wordpress themes you have to simply download the file and add it using the inbuilt admin installer.

Combine the professionally designed Wordpress themes with the automated Wordpress installation (offered with each Wordpress optimized hosting plan order) and the final result will be a unique, feature-rich, ready-to-use website.

All WordPress templates are available exclusively with our hosting plans