How does it actually work?

ResellersPanel's free program was launched on April 2, 2003. Since then over 35 000 resellers have signed up. 100WebSpace collaborates with ResellersPanel since July 2004.

It is absolutely free to become a reseller, there are no billing or start up fees. By joining the system you will gain access to a free Reseller Control Panel, from where you will be able to choose the design of your web hosting store by selecting one of the free ready-to-use website templates. You may also build your custom store with the help of Reseller API or the remote forms. You will have a full control over the prices and your clients' accounts, as well as the ability to create own custom hosting packages.

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There is absolutely no risk involved. ResellersPanel will handle all the 24/7 technical support to your clients, as well as the billing fees. Your reseller anonymity will be kept as best as possible, thus you will be able to create your own hosting company.