100WebSpace highly recommends you the services of the well-known UK-based reseller hosting provider ResellersPanel.com, whose great and powerful web hosting solutions are perfect for those of you who'd like not only to have a perfect host, but also to make money through their 10% 2-TIER AFFILIATE PROGRAM without any risk involved.

How does ResellersPanel's Affiliate Program work?

Once you sign up for a free reseller account with them, you can start referring new resellers to their Free Reseller Program. Every time a client of a reseller referred by you purchases or upgrades a shared hosting account, VPS, Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Server plan, you will receive 10% of the wholesale price of the respective transaction. You are not required to make any sales on your end. Check out what ResellersPanel has in store for you:

Free Reseller Hosting

Start your online reseller hosting business with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once you sign up for a free reseller account with ResellersPanel.com, you will be able to create a web hosting company under your own brand name. You will also have the freedom to create your own plans and put prices on them. For each and every sale of a hosting account or domain name registration made through your store, you will receive the difference between ResellersPanel.com's wholesale price and the one you have set. No minimum sales or deposits are required. It is completely risk-free and profitable.

Domain Names

The company provides a large list of TLDs for registration/transfer purposes which are being constantly updated with new domain extensions. Recently they've added .se, .co.za, .co.nz, so you can imagine what a big choice they're offering on the whole. Once a customer gets a shared hosting account, they can register as many domain names as they want. There are no restrictions. By setting up a reasonable retail price for each available domain name, you will generate a good income for yourself.

cPanel Reseller Program

Four different packages, all of which are offering Unlimited Hosted Domains. Each plan provides a certain disk space quota that can be divided into smaller hosting plans according to your marketing strategy. All accounts are managed by the WHM (Web Hosting Manager) tool. Great Free Bonuses such as a Free Domain Reseller Account, a Free Billing Software solution, Free Website Templates, etc. are included as well. You'll have all the necessary tools to start your own hosting business with the help of one of the most popular Control Panel tool setups.

Virtual Private Servers

This service becomes more and more popular because of the flexibility and independence it provides. Everyone can choose a different Operating System setup and use different software applications from the rest of the users located on the server. Control is put in customers' hands via the Virtual Power Panel tool, which gives you the chance to reboot your account whenever you need. A monthly billing option can be enabled for that service as well.

Semi-Dedicated Servers

They represent the easiest way to upgrade a shared hosting account to a more powerful hosting solution that can be managed via the same hosting Control Panel, especially in case your website needs more CPU power and MySQL resources.

Dedicated Servers

There are many people who need the full capacity and potential of a server's resources, without sharing them with anybody. For them, ResellersPanel offers the most massive hosting solution, which also represents another really attractive possibility to increase your monthly earnings - namely ResellersPanel's 10% 2-tier Affiliate Program

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There is absolutely no risk involved. ResellersPanel will handle all the 24/7 technical support to your clients, as well as the billing fees. Your reseller anonymity will be kept as best as possible, thus you will be able to create your own hosting company.