Cost Effective Hosting Service

We present you our reliable service with advanced features and easy-to-use interface!

Flexible hosting services

What makes our hosting services cost-effective is the excellent combination between hardware and software in our platform. The latest contemporary server specifications that we utilize are located in our reliable data center in the USA, which is equipped with various high capacity connections to multiple carriers to ensure uptime and speed consistency and redundancy.

Wait no more

Nowadays a reliable data center is not enough. We maintain a technical support team, which consists of experienced professionals who are ready to give you a hand at any time. It is well known that they respond extremely fast and competent to customers’ questions. So wait no more – we will help you out in less than an hour!

Intuitive Content Management

Create intuitively whatever you want with the help of our tools!

Easy-to-use control Panel

We have developed a unique multi-language Control Panel based on the demands of most customers. With its help you will be able to maintain control over all the features of your account, as well as to easily manage the contents of your websites.

Easy-to-install scripts

We provide you with all necessary tools to create and manage the content desired by you. With a few clicks of the mouse you can easily install forums, blogs, galleries, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, portal systems, ad management, etc.

Advanced Marketing Tools

For those of you who want to establish an online business of their own, at your disposal are:

E-Commerce Solution

You can place some ready-to-use e-commerce solutions right on your website with just a few mouse clicks. These free e-commerce scripts are a part of the Elefante Scripts Installer, which is included as a FREE bonus.

Popularity Check Tool

It is recommended that you often check what is the page rank of your website with the top three search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Then you need to know if this page rank is growing. The bigger the traffic to your website is, the more profit you can earn!

Webalizer Statistics

By accessing the server statistics and examining the collected data, the Webalizer will provide you with extremely important information about the traffic from and to your website. You can view who accessed your site and when, where he went, which keywords brought him there, etc.

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